More Efficient Clinical Decision Making

Providers, caregivers, and Chief Medical Officers rely on a seamless flow of data between EHRs and information systems to make efficient, collaborative clinical decisions in the best interest of the patient.

We know that keeping clinicians happy with using the system while ensuring proper documentation and collaboration is a balancing act. We have seen failure when clinicians were ignored and systems were not optimized. We can help make your clinical happier while meeting the documentation standards that are expected in today’s environment.

No matter which EHR vendor or vendors your healthcare organization uses, our EHR and health IT consultants have the technology and expertise to simplify your EHR operations, streamline workflows, reduce clicks, and make your technology more efficient and connected.

Some of the ways we can deliver for your clinicians:

  • Streamline workflows and reduce clicks
  • Ensure that clinicians are using the technology available to them to their advantage
  • Tools to allow access to schedules and charts and create visit notes when the EHR is unavailable so you can still see patients without compromising care
  •  Tools to bring patient charts together from other EHR systems and providers so you can have a full view of the patient and improve outcomes
  • Guidance and training on meeting the requirements of regulatory programs to avoid penalties and increase quality
  • Training on use of the system
  • Private Cloud Hosting solutions to remove the headaches of a self-managed IT environment

We have developed tools for clinicians to make using the system easier and more intuitive. Many groups don’t take advantage of the technology that is available to them right now. We can work with your clinical staff to make sure they are using the system they already have to its fullest potential and fill gaps in functionality with our own tools and customizations if warranted.

We have helped hundreds of organizations achieve regulatory requirements like Meaningful Use, and . Our staff can help your team optimize workflows and provide the training to increase productivity.

Our CareBridge Interface Engine connects disparate health IT systems to enable efficient data sharing and access between systems and devices, making providers more productive and less reliant on accessing multiple systems and manual tasks. We ensure clinicians can access, manage, and share data securely and compliantly, maintaining the highest standard of quality care.

If you are part of an organization with disparate EHR systems, our Community Health Cloud system might be the perfect solution to enable sharing of clinical data for patients. With Community Health Cloud patients are able to decide which providers can share and view their chart details.  Providers can access all chart details and a patient timeline which simplifies viewing chart information and provides a valuable time-based view into the patient’s health history. Learn more about Community Health Cloud here.

EHR Downtime Solutions

“The system is down” One of the worst things you can hear as a CMO. Our CareFinity EHR Downtime and Archiving solution can make it easier for you to sleep at night. With CareFinity clinicians can view charts, schedules, financial data and even document visits when the EHR system is unavailable. Great for planned downtime too!  Get more details here.

Choose Your Setting to Learn How You Can Achieve Clinical EHR Optimization

Clinic CMOs

Choose Your Setting to Learn How You Can Achieve Clinical EHR Optimization

From clinician productivity to patient satisfaction and quality of care, Chief Medical Officers must examine the full spectrum of patient care and the ways technology can improve care delivery.

eMedApps’ products and services help CMOs make their physicians happy and productive, allowing them to focus on the care of their patients, not the care of their computers. Whether the challenge is to optimize workflows, meet MACRA or other regulatory standards, train clinical personnel, connect systems, or provide access to charts when the EHR is unavailable, eMedApps has the products and service offerings to help.

  • Access more data easier than ever before, even during outages or system failures

  • Optimize workflows to keep providers productive and happy

  • Make informed, efficient clinical decisions to raise quality of care

  • Attain MACRA, and other regulatory requirements

  • Deliver the highest quality of care to keep patients well and happy

Access Patient Information Where and When You need It – Even When the EHR is Down

Lack of access to patient records due to planned and unplanned health IT outages should not be the status quo. There are financial and patient care consequences when clinics are forced to cancel or postpone patient encounters because electronic systems are off-line.

Our Care Connectivity Platform™ includes business continuity products and services to keep clinics operational, profitable, and compliant during any EHR, network, or Internet interruption.

With CareFinity™, clinicians can view patient schedules and health records, access histories and lab results, view documents and scanned images, and capture care notes from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device during an outage, ensuring quality patient care can be delivered at any time.